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John McDonnell is to declare war on buy-to-let landlords by giving tenants the chance to purchase their property at a DISCOUNT price


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On face value it doesn't look good BUT I'd want to see the detail before making a judgement.

I've sold property to sitting tenants and given them a 'small' discount on market value. Surely it all depends on the details which are likely to be years away.

Do you really believe that the Labour party can win an election with Cornyn & McDonald (currently on 25% in the polls) running the show ?The Tories (on 33%) will make a non aggression pact with the Brexit Party (on15%) and sweep the floor.

Labour don't stand a chance.......for years and years of ever winning a general election.

Rest easy, no need to panic.

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I've been discussing this elsewhere through the day. Once again McDonnell demonstates that he is unsuitable to manage the country's finances.

The report of his fantasy policy I read was so full of holes and contradictions it wouldn't stand up to a school teachers scrutiny while marking it as a project.

I've been listening to Blair's keynote speech and follow up questions, well 3/4 of the hour+. He couldn't have been a better Tory if he had tried.

That would be more votes for BJ in the event of an imminent GE.

Between Dabbott, McDonnell, Corbyn and Blair I'm surprised that Labour still has a following.

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Comrade McDonnell has a proven history of failure in office going back to the days when he served on the Greater London Council.

I doubt very much the UK voter will want to live under Commissar Corbyn & McDonnell government in spite of what you see with the baying rent-a-mob outside No 10 demanding Corbyn becomes the new Prime Minister.

Sleep easy tonight with the thoughts that ALL politicians lie when in office.

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Not bad for a self confessed Communist leaning politician who wants to rule the Peasants with his communist doctrine.


I have to admit I still struggle coming to terms how anyone can vote for these people and I say that coming from an ordinary post WW2 fairly poor working class background.

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I thought I would put this news article up on the forum.

Personally I am not surprised reading this news as this Tory government under Chancellor George Osborne            has done his best to ensure that landlords face unwarranted and unecessary financial pressures that would lead to the outcome you are seeing today.  Mind you I don't particularly think that the figures are that high to warrant outright panic because there can be many reasons why landlords sell up and move on.

It won't affect me I have to say.    Soldier on..... and I will have a £10 bet with anyone that Labour will not be in Government on December 13th.  ( may I never have to eat those words.    😋 )


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