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Items in loft


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Hi guys


I’ve just sold one of my tenanted properties and discovered a load of crap up in the loft. 


I don’t know if it’s from the tenants who have just vacated, or from years back. 


The inventory never covers the loft, so I have no claim on them to say it wasn’t reported before. 


Should I ditch it all, or ask the (totally ineffectual) management agents to let the previous tenants know so they can collect it?


What’s the right thing to do? It’s clothes, curtains, some x-box stuff, DVDs and general junk. 




PS. Why are my posts always centralized?! I’m using an iPhone. Is that why? Can’t change any formats. 

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Send notices, pay for storage, duty of care means you've to look after their so precious belongings that they couldn't be articulated to care for themselves.


Record that it is of minimal value by whatever means, photo's may help. Then ditch it. Consider creating a record of outstanding monies owed you if there is ever a claim, so you can offset their claim with yours. Should they ever request where their stuff is, of your Agents I guess, get the Agents to request a detailed inventory of their claim. That can be compared to your photgaphic record and would likely embarrass them.

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I self manage my properties and those with lofts are always checked when tenants leave. I know from your previous posts that you've been out of the country until recently so I assume you've had an agent dealing with you lettings whilst you've been away. I see no reason why an agent can't be expected to check the loft space is empty on check out......unless it's specifically identified as not to be checked in your contract with them. Normally the loft is part of the property so should always be checked.

If I was in your shoes, if the tenant has recently moved out i would contact them directly or thru the agent to see if the stuff is theirs. If it's not, bin it and move on.

Then bollock agent for doing a second rate management job.

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As a agent if the property doesnt have a suitable loft ladder fitted the loft will not get checked. I do not expect members of staff to clamber on chairs or hump ladders around with them. Landlords are informed of this at the outset.

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1. Surely we are all aware how of easy it would be to forget there were a few items in the loft when moving out. It would also be quite convenient to leave a pile of unwanted items for the landlord.

2. Whilst I agree with Grampa on most things......on this we have to disagree. Its hardly difficult to carry a lightweight folding ladder to access lofts. Full management means just that.....including the loft.

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Thanks all. 

Well it’s clearly easy to take a lightweight set of ladders as the buyer did and informed us of the stuff up there. In fairness, it’s before we had chance to look ourselves. 

The agents are as useless as a chocolate ashtray and I’ve refused to pay their last management fees. They dropped the ball and didn’t do the inventory for a whole week after the tenant left. I’ve bollocked them, refused to pay, and putting in a complaint so they pay the cleaning bill for me to hand over to the buyer. I got the report at 7 pm on Saturday night after a huge effort of not standing down with ‘it will be done by Monday’. On Monday morning I was having my knee replaced, so not able to do the cleaning myself because of their cock-up. 

Useless shower of you know whats. They make my blood boil, and I can’t wait to be out of the business after 32 years. 

Annnyyyway, I’ll breathe now! 

Thanks for the advice. I don’t want to email the tenant directly because they didn’t pay the last month and half and I don’t want to get into that with her. Let the agents work for once. 

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