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Labour would force UK landlords to offer indefinite tenancies


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Take some comfort from the fact that Comrade Corbyn chances of Government are pretty slim if all the political pundits are correct.

The slight hiccup here will be a hung Parliament and Labour will join minority parties to form a Government. Should this happen consider emigrating or a very long holiday because if you thought the Tories were against landlords...................................

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Well there will have to be some flexibility on both sides. Many tenants don't want 3 year + tenancies any more than landlords.

I lived in Germany for a few years in the 1990's and my employer rented a property for me on an initial 3 year contract. Because the tenancies are longer the tenant is expected to decorate throughout and fit a new kitchen at their expense........can't see that happening in the uk.

Also in Germany at the time there were very generous tax incentives to persuade landlords to participate.

There will also need to be lots of legislation changes surrounding AST's, Freeholders, Insurers, Mortgage lenders etc.

This will take years to materialise, if at all........don't loose any sleep over it, I can't see it ever getting off the ground for so many reasons.

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