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Tenant won't allow access for viewings or investigation


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Legally there is nothing you can do to force the tenant to cooperate. The short answer is take more care in picking suitable tenants. In 20 years I've never had a tenant behave this way.

However, there are lots of ways to try to persuade them to be coperative....here are some suggestions :

Offer to ....

Pay him if be allows viewings.

Refund some rent.

Give him a good reference.

Buy him a something he wants.

Help him to move, supply a van etc.

The only limit is your imagination.

Good luck.

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This assumes there is a deposit, and even better a guarantor.

Point out that where works will be required post tenancy that he will still be liable for the lost rents due to these works preventing a fast replacement tenant being able to take residence. I doubt you would enjoy much success in court with this approach, especially if the works are deemed to be due to fair wear and tear, but hopefully the threat might well cause a change of attitude.

As above you have no legal right of access unless there is an emergency situation, vague statement that that is (like fair wear and tear really).

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I would have thought that within your tenancy contract there will be a clause stating that future viewings must be permitted upon giving reasonable notice of doing so. I know there is such a clause in my tenancy contracts.

You may want to point this out to him if you have this contained clause that he would be in breach of his signed contract and could affect future dealings with any references you may be asked to provide on his behalf.

This might make him stop and think about it.

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If he's paid £160K a  year then none of my previous suggestions are likely to work.

In your shoes I'd probably do some homework. Consider finding out who he works for,  his immediate boss,  head of his company and of course the all important HR department......who will be dealing with his references. The threat of writing to his employer might well persuade him to adjust his approach.

If not then the company also won't be at all happy with the threat of exposing one of their employees/contactors on social media causing negative publicity for them.

His situation doesn't leave you many opportunities.....grasp the few available to you.

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I have a tenant renting from me that has refused to pay or move.  Has stated that in person.  Also we are a furnished corporate apartment company that typically deals with HR depts. and not individual  tenants that are not through a company.  Is there a company that we can hire to handle the eviction for us in Charlotte NC? 

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