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Mouse and notice served earlier


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Hi all.

I am a landlord of a top floor flat. My tenant said that he found an eaten protein bar, eaten by a mouse. I am going to the property to seal the area where the mouse that he said came from (he said it climbed up the drain pipe in the end of the kitchen).

He is now breaking his contract earlier by a month - his 6 months are due mid May but he gave me notice today.

Do I accept the notice, or say that he needs to give me notice in mid May as per the Tenancy agreement?

Thank you

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1. if it's a flat the hole that the mouse entered thru is not necessarily your resppnsibility. The building is the responsibility of the freeholder or their managing agents. If there are holes it's for them to close them off.

2. mice can get through the tiniest of holes and it is by no means uncommon to get the odd one in a property......flats are usually worse than houses for this.

3......they are easy to get rid of.....poison is readily available in many shops including B & Q

4.....the tenant is permitted to end the tenancy as early as they like but will have to pay you the full 6 months rent.

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It is a fact of life that rodents will at some time enter a property and if you are in a rural area field mice are a likely culprit. I believe if you get rats some (maybe all) councils will deal with for free. 

We take the view that if rodents/pests are entering a property through a hole that shouldn't be there it is the landlords responsibility to deal with or if there was evidence of them being there before the the tenancy started.

If not it is the tenants responsibility they are not living in a hotel.

Dont mix the issue of mice and breaking the contract early they are separate  issues, and no the tenant cannot normally break the contract unless there is a break clause. Tell them that if they do they will still be liable for the rent until the end of the contract or until you find another tenant whichever comes sooner.


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