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Damages in the walls


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Hi all


My tenant moved out after 6 years and the walls are in a mess. He had stickers all over and took them off and patched the walls in the 3 rooms with a colour that is not the same as the rest of the walls.

What do I charge him for that?

Also one key is missing. Do I charge him for the key and for labour i.e. someone going to get the key replaced? I had to arrange for someone to get a key cut at a local locksmith.


Thanks all. 

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Well if all the keys are not returned you would be within you right for the lock to be changed at tenants cost.

Regarding the walls, yes the tenant has caused an expense to them that needs rectifying but after 6 years you would have been looking at repainting anyway.

So if it was me I and I wanted to claim something (which i probably wouldn't) I would try to come to a figure agreeable by both parties to avoid the aggravation of a dispute and all the time and effect that involves. 

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When I've been in this position i generally look at how the tenancy has been over years. If the tenant has paid rent on time, been cooperative, helpful etc then I tend to let these things go.

Key.....I'd first check if the tenant has forgotten to return it or has lost it.  Key replacement is not expensive so I wouldn't loose any sleep over a few pounds.

Damaged walls......I agree with Grampa, after 6 years you would expect to be repainting walls anyway, so I wouldn't charge anything.

You need to ask yourself why you or your agent didn't arrange regular inspections where this sort of thing could have been identified and stopped earlier. We usually try (99% successfully) to arrange at least one visit a week or so before the tenancy ends so that we can offer advice to the tenant that helps them get all of their deposit returned. Perhaps there's a lesson to be learned for the future about regular inspections.

If you are doing things correctly there is a much reduced risk of getting a surprise like you have.

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On 10/02/2018 at 6:24 AM, CynthiaBair said:

This is a very common issue with the tenants.

But there is no reason why it should be a common occurrence for landlords to get a sudden surprise at the end of the tenancy if they are conducting their business correctly.

Unfortunately many landlords hand responsibility for management to agents without checking the agents references or checking what the agent is actually going to do.

A head in the sand approach is very likely to result in a nasty surprise.

Some landlords need to take more interest in their properties instead of taking the easy way out and just blaming tenants.

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