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Religous Aggresive lodger?


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Hi, some advice please,.


My wife and I have taken in a lodger from the middle east. ( which we have no problem with)...who is a muslim ( which we don't have a problem with either)...Recently he brought us a copy of the Quran as a `gift' to my wife... which my wife ( we are both Christians) politely declined and we said we follow our own faith,  and have said in the best  in the most accommodating way possible that we are willing to accommodate his beliefs if he accommodates ours ( fair game?)

In the last two weeks when my wife has returned from work he keeps on pestering her to re quote passages from the Quran.. assuming she has read it from cover to cover..When she doesn't  quote back or say I havent't read that bit yet... he has become very aggressive to her if she `cannot' recall these passages.. The other day I came home from my part time job to find my wife crying in the kitchen and quite shaken as he threw a plate at my wife calling her a `Sharmuta' ( which I can imagine is a highly offensive word from where he comes from) which upset her greatly and told her she must ÒBEY' to his commands ...(she isn't a Dog!)  as in his `country' women must obey to Islam,....My wife was very shaken by this experience...

Now his refusing to leave when his tenancy èxpires' at the end of the week saying" I don't answer to anyone.. I answer to Allah and not Kafir's! (What ever they are- which I assume is something also offensive)`...My wife and I are in our sixties... and she is becoming quite frightened of him ( he is in his late twenties'...)


We haven't had a problem before and respect anyone of any faith and have taken on lodgers in the past and have had no problems.....we don't know what to do in case he flies of the handle and starts damaging the property or worse still assaults my wife when i'm not there should she not quote his `holy book'...

I have been assertive to ask him to politely  to show some respect and in his `arrogance' he is reply is `Women are like Pigs'  and should be treated as such!

When he moved in he was as good as gold ...and now things have turned ugly... I have threatened to terminate his tenancy early if he continues to act this way, however he pulls up the racist card very time and says he will go to the police and say we are being racist towards him and his religion...

Any help would be greatly appreciated! This is no way a dig at any one of any belief system.. we are just two retired folk trying for a nice retirement...

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1. Sounds like he has assaulted your wife by throwing the plate at her. Let the police deal with that.

2. If he is a 'lodger' my understanding is that you can ask him to leave at very short notice. Give him notice and change the locks. Any problems just call the police.


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I totally agree with Richlist you need this potentially dangerous person out of your property asap.

I would suggest you do not get into any protracted conversations with him and explain he is been given notice due to his behaviour and follow it up in writing with written notice. If it was me I would give 24 hours notice and make sure he is not left in the house alone. Or if you choose, wait until he is out and put his belongings on the door step.

Explain a court order is not required because as a lodger he is excluded from that requirement under section 3A of the Protection of Eviction Act 1977.

I wouldn't stand for anyone upsetting my wife as that my job.




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Out and fast.

Allah is their God, Khafir is a non believer.

Any Muslim that expects our woman to be walking 4 steps behind isn't for our culture.

As said wait for the opportunity and bags on the doorstep. If there is evidence that he's a T for the rest of the week I can't see your exposure being too great.

Report the assualt to the Police.



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1 hour ago, Carryon Regardless said:


Any Muslim that expects our woman to be walking 4 steps behind isn't for our culture.

I tried to get my wife to do that. I'm still walking with a limp.

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Thankyou for your support everyone... really appreciated...:)

We did eventually ask him to leave...well to be honest after a massive ``hoo ha' ..well I caught him again being rude to my wife and she gave him a taste of his own medicine by chasing this bully out of the kitchen with a plastic spatula! (Good on her!) on Sunday evening.

I eventually decided to take a stand and kick him out  and he started raving on about `His God will punish those that do not follow the true prophet...etc etc ' and swearing at me in Arabic...for not `conforming to the way of Islam' and `refusing' his `gift' of the Quran! He continuously put his hand up in an attempt to strike at my wife every time she said anything saying .. "You will speak when I say..you that insult the way of Mohammed" etc etc.. 

The police were called. As a relatively small guy in his sixties I was worried about getting assaulted myself and violence is never the answer..

He actually spat in the very kind Police officers face (who was a female) calling her an Ìnfidel' and was subsequently arrested for assaulting a police officer in the course of her his/her duty who had to wrestle him to the ground as he was being so abusive and aggressive...and with the help of the police ( which were absolutely fantastic by the way) we threw his stuff out the back of the house...much to our embarrassment' as he woke up the neighbours shouting and swearing as he was bundled into the back of a police car...

I have to admit  I was kind of shocked to find out the word  `Sharmuta' means `Prostitute/Whore' in Arabic! How dare he call my wife that, just because she chose not to `convert' and confirm to his beliefs... 

I think it is worth warning his new referees (we managed to obtain details of Rent4sure) to explain our experience' of him.. but as Christians we are in two minds about this. 

We have been asked to supply statements to the police. In a way I feel sorry for the guy. I'm sure he has some mental problems and needs prayer or help..  I'm sure not every muslim behaves this way.

My wife is still a bit upset as you can imagine..In all my life I've never experienced Lodgers like this..

Thank you for all your support. Good to know there are genuine people out there for advice. We really have a learnt a valuable lesson and in future be VERY careful who we choose next as a lodger... perhaps we may ask our daughter to `vet' them for us as she's a pretty good judge of character...  God bless you.







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You are absolutely right that not all Muslims behave in this way, the vast majority are good people. There are plenty of bad people who are not Muslims so don't let this experience put you off from letting to this group again.

I never decide wether an applicant is suitable or not on the basis of religion or ethnicity. Every applicant is different / unique. Make sure you ask applicants the 'right' questions and get suitable references.


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Thank you `Rich list' that's very good advice...My wife found out today that he had been kicked out of the language school he was attending for inappropriate' behaviour and gross misconduct towards a female member of staff two months ago...so he had basically lied to us saying he was still attending school/college! 

I think in future I think we may ask for three references ( a previous reference, one from their school and a working' reference from an employer ( if they have one) ...Or do you think that a bit over the top?

I also suggested to my wife that in future we whittle down to the last three ( bit like a selection process I suppose ) of three potential lodgers and pray to God this time that HE gives us the wisdom to find the right one who is of good character!

Thank you for your support everyone. God bless.




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References are important but they are not everything. Normally for shorthold tenancy agreements references comprise of bank, employer and previous landlord.

Far more important is asking the right questions...their age, education, wether married, any children, are they employed, their position, their working hours,  how long employed, why here, why your property, why now, how many nights per week required, any pets, do they smoke, do they work shifts, have they lodged before, do they speak good english etc, etc.

I find that you can normally make a reasonable judgement about someone's suitability on the basis of the answers coupled with their refs.

However.......now is a good time to mention non EU overseas visitors. You need to establish wether they have permission to stay. Ask to see their passport and visa and any supporting documents. Usually if they are employed by a large multinational the checks will already have been done by their employers HR dept......but it never hurts to double check.

I find new arrivals from the Indian subcontinent who have never lived in the UK before struggle to cope with our winters and have no understanding of heaters. They often have no concept of fridges and may never have experienced proper bathrooms or kitchens as we know them. They are not familiar with vacuum cleaners and don't understand condensation. Some of them prefer to sleep on the floor instead of beds.

Good luck.

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It's a shame that if we voice any approval of Enoch we are more often branded as a racist. From interest a while back I listened to his half hour 'rivers of blood' speech and found most opinions of his belief to be taken out of context from what was actually conveyed by listening to the whole half hour. His statements were emotive but really just expressed his concern that being overly PC would cause a failure to recognise growing risks in society.

So then I read a short biography. I'm now of the opinion that if we had present leaders with the intelligence and foresight he had we would be far better placed to deal with the rest of the world, and that isn't looking at immigration alone.

Sometimes saying the right thing just 'aint nice.

If interested




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