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Tenants now married


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Hello Everyone

I am sorry I have not contributed much lately I have been lurking but am always too late to add an answer to many queries,But now I have one of my own,so I hope you will be gentle with me, I have searched but not found answer to my specific question

My tenants recently got married and have just completed their first 6 month fixed term

The wife would like a renewal tenancy and for this to show her new name details.

I normally prefer to continue on a periodic and am happy for these tenants to stay and they likewise wish to stay and if there was no name change involved would probably be happy on the periodic.

my Question is

If I need to have a renewal 6 months fixed term to show new names  do I need to re protect the Deposit?

is there a way to do this and just keep a periodic?


thanks for your advice



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Hi Julles good see you back.

The way I see it you have a number of options.

1. Refuse to renew and just request  a copy of married cert for you records though refusing after a tenant has asked for a renewal can make a tenant feel insecure and they may start looking for a new property. I don't see this option causing any problem if you had to evict as you would just enclose the cert within any court paperwork.

2.  Renew the tenancy with the fixed term as 1 month so it would automatically run periodic from month 2 onwards. You wouldn't be able to get a court order for an eviction for 6 months though. This option could also make a tenant feel insecure.

3. Tell the tenants you have a policy of not renewing tenancies until the tenants have living in the property for at least 18/24 months. You will at least have an idea if you want them to stay by then. That could give you some breathing space.

4. If you don't have a guarantor make that a requirement of renewing any tenancy. That would be a reasonable reason not to renew if they cant get one.

5. Just say no.

It depends on the deposit company for the procedure on renewals.


Hope that helps


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Jules........I think Grampa has covered your options very well.  Obviously the Wife is looking for some security of tenure so in my view you should give this serious consideration when you decide which option to proceed with. I know I would particularly if they are good, no trouble, tenant's.

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One other consideration to bear in mind are additonal costs.

If any of my tenants wants a new AST......when a periodic tenancy would normally be perfectly ok .....and that AST involves an additional cost, I only agree if the tenant agrees to pay any additional costs. Those costs may involve agents fees, deposit fees, permission to let fees etc.

We are in this game to make a profit and I for one don't see why I should run around doing tenants favours because they might happen to feel insecure. Like everyone else, they need to pay their way....in my opinion.

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Thankyou all for your quick replies...and welcome backs  too x

Grampa  .thanks..I am happy for them to stay and don't at this point think they are moving on.all bases covered though.

Melboy..She is quite precise at everything and yes just think she is looking to be a bit secure..which is ok by me.

Richlist..yup my thoughts too..A little fee may be in order..As a rough guide what do you feel reasonable (if ok to ask)

I need to check out deposit situation as I don't want that to leave me vulnerable. 



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When this has happens to me I expect the tenant to pay ALL the fees eg .....lettings agents fees for new AST £50+vat, permission to let fees for each new tenancy agreement £70-£100 etc

The only time I pay is if I initiate changes.

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