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Letting Water co know of tenant changes


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Hello Everyone

Not been around much ,at all more like ,on the forum :unsure:

how have you all been ??

so I thought I would get back by offering some help

I was advised by Yorkshire water of this site


you register and put in details and they take care of sending the info to the relevant water companies whatever they may be

I found it to be a great help..no hanging on hold etc .



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Hello Mortitia

can't see any catch,no money or fees

Yorkshire water gave me the link to use

You enter info of property/properties that have a change of tenant

and at the end it tells me that the info has been sent to the relevant water authority

does seem very easy

I would only upload info when a change is in progress, rather than put details of currently occupied properties as these can be added later.



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Don't get it......What's the point or advantage ?

I already contact the relevant water company with details at check in and check out. Why would I want to send those SAME details to a third party instead ?


Don't like the new website !!!!!!!

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Hello Richlist

I had 3 different ones to do today ..some don't have their own form so hanging on hold for ages is not my idea of a productive day.

I normally let all the utilities know check in and check out aswell , but this is instead of calling/emailing all 3 ,just one site does it all..and now those properties registered all I need to do on the next change is to update the site accordingly.

Looks like the water authorities recommend the site it as if its easier to notify them there is more chance landlords and/or tenants will do it .


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I already have the email addresses on file to notify my water company and only need to contact one company so it wouldn't make any difference or save time for me. I guess if you had to contact a number of companies it may be easier and save time.

But I don't see what is in it for the company and who funds it.  

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Sorry but it still doesn't make any sense.

1. In 15 years I have never had to contact more than one water company on the same day.

2. Most of the details to be supplied will be different every time i.e. new tenants name, their previous address, their phone number, water meter reading, date moved in/ out.

3. I never fill a form in I just email the water company with all the details....takes maybe 2 minutes to type an email and send it.

Complete and utter waste of time sending that info to a third party.....who WILL undoubtedly, at some point, screw it up .

I much prefer to send the email myself, receive confirmation that they got it and file it away in case it's queried in the future. That way I know it's been done, done correctly and I have proof of providing it.

I'm all for improving any process but this is one process that really doesn't need improving....it's already really very simple.

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