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I have a couple of issues with this kind of set-up

First I believe your company has to be registered with the FCA to sell guarantee based products which would be classed as a insurance product.

Second, What if your company stops trading or cant afford to pay the guaranteed rent promised. Do you offer personal guarantee's on top?

Thirdly, As a landlord I would lose control of who was living in the property and if your company ceased trading or went bust I would only have a tenancy with yourselves as tenant and wouldn't be able to evict the tenant because I wouldn't be the landlord of the tenant.

Fourthly. The agreement between landlord (owner) and your company as tenant couldn't be a Assured shorthold tenancy so what sort of tenancy agreement are you proposing?

These schemes also pay a lot lower return to the landlord (owner) what commission rate do you charge?

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I have some questions Mr Khaalid Mohammed in reflection to your establishment and upon what you quoted above that I've attached below;

"Yes you are right that it cannot be an AST, however there will be a company agreement (as stated in my previous answer) between us as the company tenant and you as our landlord. Our contracts are in depth and state all that you need to know and once both parties agree they are signed. To put the landlord's mind at ease we pay 3-5 months rent in advance from the beginning once sign up has been completed."

Why is it I didn't get a written contract with yourself when you were appointed to manage my two properties including paymemt to carry out various works for them that is beyond deniable? Why is it that you cannot and won't provide an inventory checklist for each house (a basic requirement to insure letting practises is upheld)?

How can you justify a gas certificate being valid (especially in a text message) when it was signed off 10 days AFTER tenants had signed a tenancy agreement and moved into the property (stating it's normal practise in this business)? How is it Prestige Guaranteed Rental's didn't spot that another gas safety certificate was signed by a non registered gas engineer with a number of gas safety breaches visible? How is it that £11,000 was spent on my second property with a printed list of expenditure yet some of those works weren't carried out whilst the contractor YOU hired as shown evidence from texts to bank statements that £8,000 was paid? Where is that £3000? A kitchen that is hung on walls with two brackets with no drawers, sharp edges and a cuboard above the stove and another blocking the gas leaver, is that value for money and fit for purpose? You did inspect this of course.

How can you justify the works at my third house as completed and fit for HMO specifications when the fire doors were clearly not fit for purpose (given the gaps around the frame and using old door fittings) whilst there was no fire alarms per room fitted and no fire signs installed whilst the new boiler was fitted with no monoxide alarm and missing work required to the flute (just as the 2nd property which had NO flute)? And how is it justifiable to inform tenants to 'mind how you shower' after they reported leaks to you and then the kitchen ceiling caved in under the bathroom of which you advised them to collect water in a bucket until the repair is done without reporting to myself about it for over a month? 

Why is it you stated in your rebuttal to your Property Redress Scheme you only had a "rent collect arrangement" yet clearly you were assigned to manage my properties? Why was there such an effort to provide contradicting invoices where your lawyer refuted one set to be the originals then you submit a second set as the originals of which didn't include any receipts? What sort of estate agent are you Mr Khaalid Mohammed?

If you don't wish to answer those in court then you know what to do, respond wisely to my lawyer with a satisfactory proposal. If you choose not to I'll continue where ever possible to seek answers and expose my ordeal all the way up the government regulating authorities and departments alongside the media and forums like this to reveal to wider audiences about your business (if one can call it that).

Thank you.

Yours sincerely 

Mr Tony Vasiliou 














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I think Tony V. sums it all up for me as to why I shall just keep going as I have always done.   I'm in control !

Kerbut.......I know it is a 4 year old post but Tony V has come back and slammed Mr Khaalid Mohammed for the way he runs his business and clearly that is badly run from what I am reading.

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And it looks as if his company is still trading and has an up to date website .


Melboy , I realise that Tony V has come back and slammed the original poster (rightly so ) , it was just me , I read the whole post then looked at the original post date, at least it called some debate as its very quiet here .


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Hi Kerbut and Melboy, just to confirm I'm due for a court date soon in reflection to my ordeal against Khaalid Mohamed of Prestige Guaranteed Rentals. It's been a long battle but I'm determinated to keep up my fight to win with all the evidence and witnesses I have to bring down this rogue estate agent whom it seems has for a long time got away with making people's lives a misery and indeed putting them at risk.

Please do get in touch at Tonyvasiliou88@gmail.com if you have anything to share, my lawyers maybe interested to here from you + if you have a case against this agent do report it to the Property Redress Scheme which the agent is registered with.

Thank you 

Tony Vasiliou.

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