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  1. Please don't hesitate to get in touch, I'm soon due for court. Thank you
  2. Hi Kerbut and Melboy, just to confirm I'm due for a court date soon in reflection to my ordeal against Khaalid Mohamed of Prestige Guaranteed Rentals. It's been a long battle but I'm determinated to keep up my fight to win with all the evidence and witnesses I have to bring down this rogue estate agent whom it seems has for a long time got away with making people's lives a misery and indeed putting them at risk. Please do get in touch at Tonyvasiliou88@gmail.com if you have anything to share, my lawyers maybe interested to here from you + if you have a case against this agent do report it
  3. I have some questions Mr Khaalid Mohammed in reflection to your establishment and upon what you quoted above that I've attached below; "Yes you are right that it cannot be an AST, however there will be a company agreement (as stated in my previous answer) between us as the company tenant and you as our landlord. Our contracts are in depth and state all that you need to know and once both parties agree they are signed. To put the landlord's mind at ease we pay 3-5 months rent in advance from the beginning once sign up has been completed." Why is it I didn't get a written contract
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