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Tenant No-Show


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Have you ever had a tenant not show up to check in???

On May 5 a tenant and an I signed a lease which starts tomorrow - June 7.

I have emailed and left phone messages to find out what time he want to check in, but he has not responded.

He gave me $880 to act as holding fee and pro-rated June rent.

He was supposed to check in on June 6 or 7 and pay a deposit of $800.

If I don't hear from him do you think I have to hold it until July 1 before I can look for another renter????

Hopefully he will still show up, but I begin to think that the wording of the agreement might obligate me to hold it until July 1 before even start looking for another tenant ;-(

Here's the wording .....

"2. Rent. Resident agrees to pay to Management as rent for the leased premises the sum of $ 1100/month on the first day of each calendar month, commencing on __July 1, 2013__. The amount of $_880___ shall be paid to cover any holding and rent of the property prior to the commencement date above. Rent shall be paid by delivering or mailing the full amount no later than the first day of each month to 2561 S Gatewood Ln, Boise, ID 83709. In the event rent is not received by midnight of the fifth day of the month, Resident agrees to pay an additional late charge of $10/day accumulating from the 6th day of the month until the entire month’s rent is paid. Additionally, any dishonored (bounced) check will be returned to the Resident and result in a $25 penalty due to Management. (Calculation of June rent and holding fee: 24days/30 days * $1100 = $880.)

3. Security/Damage Deposit and Duty to Clean. Upon payment of $ 800 on June 6 or 7, 2013 as a security/damage deposit and completion of the Move-in Checklist, Resident shall receive access devices including _3_door keys, _1_garage remote control, and _2_ mailbox keys for box 5, middle north boxes. Management may apply the security/damage deposit to satisfy any deficit caused by Resident, including but not limited to, the payment of past due rent, past due utilities, late charges, damages, cleaning, restoration, liens against the property created by Resident, or any attorney’s fees and costs incurred by Management to obtain possession of the premises or to enforce its rights under this lease agreement."

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This is an English ( and not forgetting Wales! ) Landlord's forum so unfortunately what happens in the USA regarding Landord's and Tenant's rulings won't apply here.......... Regards.

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