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Any thoughts on property hawk>


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ive just found this new landlord site with free software included. They seem to be doing that free google thing for landlords.


Theyve got property management software on there for free - which would be great for me because it means i can manage my properties from work. Im very tempted to use it but want to see if anyone has any experience of it.

has anyone actually used it yet?


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Well...know this post is 9 years old now, WOW!

The reason I'm replying now is after doing a search it came up so

1) my answer is yes, I've been using Property Hawk [PH] a few years now, its been fine. I've not any problems with it or them selling me things, though there are ads on there but you don't have to take up any services if you don't need.

2) I noticed today the property hawk website is not coming up -is anyone else having this problem? or have any news of whats happened? Is there a phone number for PH?

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I think it has now disappeared. I use to get emails from PH but have not had one for ages.

A lot of these companies from years ago have disappeared into the ether of emptyness.

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