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Council Tax - Increased Charging


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With some Local Councils now charging increased council tax on empty properties has anyone else taken action to mitigate their losses ?

I was thinking along the lines of moving ones self or partner into the empty/ vacated rental during the void period whilst looking for a replacement tenant. You or your partner would then qualify for the 25% single person discount.

If you are fortunate enough to then have just one remaining person living in your house you can then claim the 25% single person discount on that as well.

Obviously its going to work best if your rentals are all local to your main home/ work etc.

Just interested if anyone has done it/ tried it/ planning to do it ?

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What a good idea RL.

So if a property became empty the landlord is likely to be doing some works such as decorating but are there any downsides of the landlord "moving" in for short periods of time? These periods could be anything from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

The only one I can see is it may effect your credit rating due the amount of changes of address.

It shows how badly thought out the idea to to charge full rate on empty properties is. How fair is it to have to pay full rate for a empty property where no one is using dustbins, police, libreys etc. But a single person using them pays less.

It will be interesting to see how many landlords will be doing this and if the council will check up to see if they are living in the property during empty periods. Then there is the question of what are the penalties for saying you (if any) are living in a property if you are not. Not that anybody would do that I'm sure. ;)

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Oh hell, you mean I've got to think of giving up life in my 5 bathroom, 5 bedroomed house with CCTV for one of my lets?

Not that there is anything wrong with the accommodation I let it's just I like space around me without neighbours and car parking disputes. This would not be for me.

RL not all local authorities are charging full council tax on empties. One of mine in London is quite reasonable and has been proving hard to let at present.

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Only yesterday I read that some councils are asking for the single occupancy rate relief of 25% to be cancelled.

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My local council do the following:

Unfurnished : 100% discount for 6 months

Furnished : 10% discount

I have a number of furnished properties within just a few miles of where I currently live. Moving in makes perfect sense.

During the day I work or busy myself away from the property. I usually eat meals out and therefore will only sleep there.

I'll save a further 15% on my furnished properties and will be able to reduce my current property council tax by 25% as my partner will be there alone.

Voids are never normally more than 4 weeks......so its no long term problem.

No doubt some council jobsworth will be along to tell me why I can't do it !!!

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