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Selling My Portfolio!


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Hi all,

This is my first post.

I have a portfolio of residential property in the N.E. of England which I am thinking of selling. I'm looking to find out if anyone has advice on the best way to do this or if, indeed, anyone here is interested in finding out more. There are seven properties in all.



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1. Whats wrong with talking to local agents ?......you should be able to negotiate an attractive deal if they either market all 7 individually or market as one lot. You may struggle if you don't sell with vacant possession

2. You could approach local property auction houses for advice and costs......they are experienced with selling with sitting tenants.

3. Is there an opportunity to offer them for sale to the sitting tenants ?

4. Lots of web sites exist where you can advertise privately.

I've seen portfolios sold as one lot but often that needs a significant discount or you wait around a long time for a specialist buyer.

Don't forget that selling all 7 in one tax year is likely to incur a hefty capital gains tax bill.......either 18% or 28% depending on profits & other income.

If they are going cheap I'm happy to rob you :P .....just send me a private message.

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