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  1. Hi Richlist - I hear where you are coming from but my view is that in the current market it is very hard to predict where the capital gain will come from if at all. My boss has purchased several properties in Chelsea, London in recent years in the hope of capital gain and whilst Chelsea has recently seen impressive gains no one knows whether that would be likely to continue and if so for how long and in the meantime I don't see how the yield could possibly cover his costs. Sadly Chelsea is way out of my league!!
  2. Hi Limey - What are you hoping to sell them for? Just curious I'm looking to invest in the NE of England.
  3. Thank you for your replies. I have seen the tenancy agreements and they were originally signed as AST although they are holding over. Richlist - I guess that is the gamble that I would have to take. I have seen quite a few of these properties come up at auction and I've always been tempted as the return looks so good but it bothers me that I would be purchasing a property that already has a bad tenant and that I would then have the problem of evicting them. I have considered buying a property with no tenant and then letting it out but the properties that I have seen all need to be renovat
  4. Hello Everyone I'm new to this game and just wondered whether anyone has considered buying a property at auction that is repossessed where the tenant is behind on rent. If so does anyone have any tips on how to manage it. The property is quite a distance from my home so I would instantly appoint a letting agent. My view is that as I would only be entitled to the rent going forward all I have to do is instruct the lettings agent to set up new payment instructions for the months going forward. Thanks in advance for your help.
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