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Charging for copies of tenancies


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Hello again

I currently have a tenant on a s21.:(

At this very late stage they have decided to go to the council to see if they can help with rehousing .

(if you saw my previous post re refrences their new prospective landlord decided not to take them )

The council have sent me a letter asking some questions

eg is arrears only reason for eviction,will I be going to court route if tenant does not move out at end of s21

what attempts by myself have been made to make arrangenments for tenant to repay arrears.

Now I am ok with answering these and am aware it will probably be of help so the council can re house them quickly :rolleyes: so I am ok to assist as i would rather they leave soon as

But they ask for copies of the tenancy agreement and prescribed info re deposit,and while again I am ok to supply these I wonder if anyone else considers charging the council , afterall they could get the copies from the tenant .

Thanks in advance

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It's not your responsibility to deal with any of this.

I doubt the council would be willing to pay for copies that in truth I can't see purpose in them having apart from them wishing attempt to defend the repossession, for not correctly protecting the deposit for example.

I've found in the past that when I open comms with Council / Housing / DSS there is always more they want, and they don't read all they have anyway. Time wasters.

The information I would provide is that which might cause a faster re-housing of the T.

It used to be that Council Housing would re-house at issue of a S21, are we now seeing the policy of waiting till court orders, and later Bailiff eviction ??

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Thanks Cor

The tone of their letter already implies that they know better than me and that they are asking where deposit is etc because i think they are expecting me to not have it sorted.

But they can't catch me out, :P deposit protected , in proper time fashion and prescribed info issued with signed copy from tennat returned to me .

Wouldn't it be good if they do re house on issue of the s21 ,although they only have till saturday.:rolleyes:

I know that actually i don't have to co-operate at all ...just was hoping they may step in so I don't have to get as far as court.

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I think its extremely important as landlords that 'we' maintain our professionalism at all times. Renting property is a business and therefore I believe that the business should be managed in a way that maximises profit as a priority.

We can all spend our time doing favours for people but your time is money and so, if the council want something that you are not legaly required to supply, then, they should pay a reasonable fee.

There is absolutely no benefit to you whatsoever in meeting their request for copies of documents or to even respond to their letter ......it won't change things for the better for you or your tenant.

Spend your time on more productive matters.

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Hi Richlist

thanks, as always good advice.

I have called the authority and spoke with them for some of the info they require, did explain there was a charge for documents, (they sort of agreed there would be ,but are not willing to pay it )

Not really worried as you say , it is not for me to be running around with all the work,

I have not been unlucky enough to have ever taken the s21 to court, so looks like I may be back seeking more support soon.

oh dear:(

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