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Property been on 24hrs got tentant already-what do i do?


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I am a first time landlord and have a 2 double bedroom terraced house to rent, an agent came around last night and this afternoon had 4 viewings in which 2 wanted it. The agent has recommended one of the families as she said they had less demands, would pay more and didnt seem as picky as she said the others seemed the sort to want other things.

This has happned so quickly that I am a little shell shocked (seems stupid I know as this is purpose of agent)

Anyway, my concern is that it is a family with 2 children ( 7 & 13), I read not to rent out to families with children, but I have to say this seems a little harsh.

The agent wanted me to say yes now as they were willing to put £1200 deposit down right away but I just felt rushed, I suggested that I meet them on Monday, the agent would get them to have a second viewing and I would just be there.

Can anyone offer any advice, ie am I being over cautious and stupid.

Please help

Thank you

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You are not being over cautious or stupid BUT it must be said that a 2 bed house with 2 adults and 2 children??

Never but never let an LA lead you by the nose into something YOU are not comfortable with.

Remember they are working for their commission.... it's their loaf of bread......step back and make sure you are comfortable with what is going on and if your not say so do not be shy in coming forward with any uncertainities you may have.

If you don't want a family in your property.... then don't have one.....it's your shout not the LA's

As it is a very wet Saturday have a read through the forum topics and glean information about the right and wrong way of becoming a Newbie landlord.


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Don't commit yourself until you have seem the results of the ref checks the agent should be doing. There are still a lot of cowboy "agents" out there who don't.

I would send a email to the agent that you are prepared to consider them as a tenant on condition their ref's are acceptable to you and they are not to accepted until then.

You should be at least getting:

1 CCJ Checks

2 Bankruptcy check

3 Previous landlord ref IN WRITING and landlord before that also if possible

3 Proof of income (bank statements and wage slips)

4 A home owning guarantor.

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Check out all of the above and think about who you considered would rent your property? Professional couple, DINK's, single mother, students?

Children always make more wear and tear on the property but then so might 2 sets of couples sharing. Don't forget you need to be in control of the agent. Let agent control at your peril. Sit back take more viewings and think. Another couple of weeks on the books won't make much difference to you. Also try meeting the proposed tenants and get a feel for whom you think you could let to - it is the only way to learn.

Good luck with that.


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A couple - or single parent family - WITH ONE CHILD would be the most likely people to rent your property. How many 13year old do you know who would be happy sharing a second bedroom with their 7 year old sibling? Also - you don't say - are the children the same sex or different sexes? If they are different sex then my point is even more important!!

First rule of landlording - always meet your prospective tenants and be prepared to ask them searching questions like :

Why do you want to rent my house? Why do you want to live in this area? Why must the children share bedrooms - wouldn't a 3 bedroom place be more appropriate etc etc ...

Good luck ....


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Thank you for all advice.

I have rang agent and said as property so well received in 1 day, I am prepared to wait a week and see who else comes along, agent however did say that when property first goes on there is a buzz and this could die down, she is obviously trying to sell this to me.

I do agree with the 2 children being more wear and tear on the house (they are 2 girls). i will see how it goes this week.

I do feel a little bad but know I must feel comfortable with the tenant (I know all the checks will be carried out at a later date)

Mark, I did ask the agent some of your questions, in particular they are currently renting therefore why would they want to move.

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