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Seasons Greetings, not to Welsh legislators though.

Carryon Regardless

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Contract-holder’s notice (F+) 41.

You may end this contract by giving the landlord notice that you will give up possession of the dwelling on a date specified in the notice.

Contract-holder’s notice: minimum notice period (F+) 42.

The date specified in a notice under term 41 may not be less than four weeks after the day on which the notice is given to the landlord.

Termination of contract on contract-holder’s notice (F+) 43.

(1) If you give up possession of the dwelling on or before the date specified in a notice under term 41, this contract ends on the date specified in the notice.

(2) If you give up possession of the dwelling after that date but in connection with the notice, this contract ends — 31 See term 82 regarding the giving of a notice. 24

(a) on the day on which you give up possession of the dwelling, or

(b) if an order for possession is made, on the date determined in accordance with term 72.

(3) The notice ceases to have effect if, before this contract ends —

(a) you withdraw the notice by further notice to the landlord, and

(b) the landlord does not object to the withdrawal in writing before the end of a reasonable period. 


An extract of the Welsh occupation contract. LL's in Wales now have the tenancy contract dictated by Wales.

Personal opinion it is written by idiots to protect abusers.

A date should be specified for the surrender, but if the notice merely says four weeks, and the notice is dated, would that serve the purpose?

The term 'given to the landlord' is conveniently vague. No suggestion of recording the event. No suggestion that a period be allowed for postage. Imagine if we tried to serve a notice in such a vague fashion.

So  recent notice received, was later than the date specified as created, due to postage. Merely states four weeks till cancellation. Legally should i now accept that date to be 4 weeks from the writing of the notice, as I haven't had 4 weeks notice from when it I received the notice (or was given in their vague wording).

Should tenant decides to remain after this notice period it would seem to be acceptable that I wait until they wish to depart. So with no statement to determine if there is an 'overstay' period maximum, it would seem a tenant can serve notice, ignore it, until the day they then wish to leave, and just go.

I know I tend to bellyache a bit, but it still greaves me that I must serve 6 months notice. Then wait an unknown period for courts to consider hearing my plea.


The whole industry has become too risky methinks.


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The PRS in Wales has been broken for some time and the current Labour administration seem intent on further adverse legislation. In their view, I believe they think that they are making it better for tenants whilst in reality their actions are likely to significantly further reduce the number of properties available to rent.

With the fast approaching General Election in 2024.......please keep in mind these actions of a typical Labour administration and consider how, if Labour win, similar actions may affect those in England. You have been warned.

The only good thing to come out of this Welsh Labour Administration is how they are turning people towards voting Tory.

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How do you convince the Welsh people to not vote Labour though?  The 20mph speed limits does help to change voters minds and their deplorable Labour run NHS and probably a few other things as well. Wales is definitely a split Country though with the West of Wales totally different to North Wales in virtually everything you can think of.

               It will be interesting to see how the Welsh do vote in the general election though. I should declare I am of Welsh descendants through my Grandfather hence my interest in Wales and many good holidays in Pembrokeshire over many years and I got to know some very nice Welsh people.

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