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Probably not the way things are going now with tenant tenancy protection. It has been said that the new EPC rules coming into force in the future will cost landlords a lot of money to reach the minimum grading required for an EPC on the older properties.

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Depending what your current rating score is when you drill down how many points you need to  reach  C rating (69 points). You may find you can sneak a point here a couple of points there which could get you over the line.

 Below is my rough guide to sneaking a few points on some items.

Energy saving light bulbs  1-2
radiator valves TRV 1-2
Duel Fuel Electric meters ?
Draft Excluder (wooden front door) 1-2
Heater in communal hallway 1-2
Double Glazing 5-10
Loft Insulation (new)  7-13
Loft Insulation (top-up)  1-2
Heating Programer 1-2
Intelligent Thermostat 1-2
Room Thermostat  1-2
Condensing Boiler 5-20
Water tank Jacket 1-3
Cavity Wall Insulation 4-10
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My guess is that the Government will have to bring in some form of exemption clause for the really old Victorian/Edwardian/pre 1950 properties but not for modern properties that can be upgraded within the guidelines.

For example my Daughter lives in a very nice Grade2 listed 1840 converted stable with Groom's house attached. The walls are stone and thicker than Richlist's wallet and there is nothing you can do to that construction to improve it and even if you could she wouldn't be allowed to do it by the G2 Listing Office Police. There must be thousands of such properties in the UK housing stock including rental properties in a similar situation.

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It does seem that Sunak has scrapped this EPC ruling of Grade C and above for rental properties by 2025. In my view it is the correct choice to make and for a couple of reasons. Why just rental landlords and not everyone? The requirement to meet these EPC grades of C and above for landlords was going to be very expensive for older properties in the UK.

Now for my personal experience from just 3 weeks ago:

I have a Wimpy built 1986 1 bed ground floor garden flat rented out. I have owned this flat for over 20 years. The EPC had expired so I ordered up another one to be done. I was only granted a Grade D and not a C which really p***ed me off because the requirement to meet a C grade was ridiculous. My flat is fully double glazed including front and rear doors. Energy saving light bulbs throughout. No loft insulation obviously. The heating is electric, (no gas ) and is heated by a single lounge panel heater and 2 small wall heaters in the bedroom and kitchen. The inefficient and costly to run electric off-peak brick storage heater from new build now long gone.

Now, for me obtain a C Grade apparently, I would have to replace the serviceable 10 year old front and back UPVc  doors with foam filled doors at a cost of around £1,600. I would also have to replace my fortic foam lagged electric heated hot water cylinder with a new one? Why? It meets British Standards on everything and is still available as a direct replacement should my existing cylinder fail though defects. To replace this HW cylinder ( with what?) would be around £1,200.

I did argue my case with my EPC assessor but it did me no good whatsoever. I did give my long term elderly tenant a warning that if the Government insisted on an EPC C grade for my flat to continue the renting out of my flat then I was not prepared to carry out work required and would have to sell the flat. I really only keep it going because of my long time present tenant being elderly and in not good health and they give me no problems whatsoever.

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I have a property where to improve the rating and save the tenant money I might install a wind turbine.

It's a 2 up, 2 down, mid terrace property.

It is possible that the assessor had a sense of humour.

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