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Forget Property invest in Royal Mail


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eBay 10% selling fee's plus VAT plus your postage costs to the buyer equals a £10,000 loss.   😂

I would stick to selling lawnmowers this April RL   😀

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Lawnmowers are so last year......you have to move with the times now. Energy crisis = opportunity. All you have to do is identify it & fill your boots.

Stamps ?........Well either there is gonna be a serious reduction in people sending Christmas cards later this year OR they are going to snap up stamps off of me at a discount. It's a simple choice discount vs full price. What would we do without Christmas ?

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1 hour ago, Richlist said:

What would we do without Christmas ?

Call it a pre New Year and carry on as before.

Any way The wokes are going to ban Christmas cards, as it is offensive to Muslims. You might get away with sending a Messiah card, depending who is depicted on the stamp

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Talking of Christmas cards with a religious theme. I receive a lot of Christmas cards every year and this year I made a mental note of just how many I received had religious theme to the front of the card and if I remember correctly it was less than 5.  The most popular card is the cute Robin sitting on a snowy post and an Olde World, snowy picture scene of old buildings covered in 3ft of snow. Both of course bear no relevance to what Christmas is all about.

Easter is just around the corner........now I hope I get an Easter egg.   😅

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