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Nicola Sturgeon forces landlords and second homeowners to pay thousands more in tax


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I think I am correct when I say I don't think we get many Scottish landlord's on this forum. It would be good if we did as I expect they would have a lot to say about this latest attack on the Scottish rental property sector. It's worth a read and probably spearheading future events and plans for landlord's and prospective landlords in England. 

                    I certainly don't think for one moment that we are going to escape some harsh policy changes next year especially with the adverse publicity in the media about the big Council rental companies and tenant complaints which to be fair are fully justified especially when you have water pouring through your ceiling and no action from the rental company to attend to that urgent repair.

Read here:   

 Nicola Sturgeon forces landlords and second homeowners to pay thousands more in tax (msn.com)

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Well, I guess as the Scottish government appear to be questionably incompetent regarding managing their own finances, they need every Scottish penny they can lay their grubby paws on.

But as we know, if it is accepted without too much kicking and screaming from the Scottish landlords something similar will be introduced down here in the land of plenty.

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For a while I've viewed that Westminster will be watching the experiments of both Wales and Scotland. I don't include N.I. as aside from having no knowledge there doesn't seem to be anyone at home in Stormont.

Anyways where these local devolved gov't's enjoy some unexpected success Westminster, or parts of England, can tweak and adopt. Apparently Manchester are to charge a tourist tax like Wales will for example. Even thought the effect is still unknown.

Where the little nations of the UK blow it Westminster can gloat in the backlash that they won't enjoy.

On the plus side. The socialist council of Hydburn (that's Accrington+ for the less aware) are dropping their selective licencing, after some 10 years of it, and they, doing nowt beneficial with it. I can't see my getting a £1.5k refund for the one property I have there.

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