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Renters reform bill


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   "A new ground will be introduced for landlords who wish to sell their property and allow landlords and their family members to move into a rental property."

Can anyone tell me what this new  "ground" will be? or are the politicians keeping it a secret until the last minute, or maybe they haven't and won't decide until the very last minute, or even after it becomes law. 

I can't find any details so I'm unable to make any plans regarding my property 

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So the Gov't have considered this, and now want it passed into statute. It might well be amended some, as I understand it.


S21 gone.

All tenancies to be periodic. We can't hoof w/o good reason, so effectively it will be a courts decision. The tenants can leave as they desire w/o responsibility for the remaining period (as i see it there wouldn't be a remaining period). We become more like a hotel provider.

Vague as 'eck that tenants can apply for a pet and we can't reasonably refuse. What the 'eck does that mean? Are exiting tenants able to force this? But as a much loved pet it wouldn't be until they have it. Could they take in the pet 'and then say it has become much loved'?

Will shelter be creating claims for 'lifestyle' deteriorated properties? Tenant abuses the place, Shelter claim for the rents to be refunded.

I've said it for Wales, and I anticipated it for England, they don't want us, they aren't scared of the landlord exodus.




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