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Why is it that if you or I are unlucky enough to find squatters have moved into one of our properties we need a court order & bailiffs but when Russian oligarch Deripaska's place is overrun by squatters the police immediately send in the riot squad to evict them ???

This sort of double standard really annoys me.

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Squatting in residential property has been made illegal for a few years now that's why squatters are taking over mainly commercial premises such as empty pubs and office buildings.  

However, the police are a law unto themselves and will still spout out its a civil matter and force the residential property owner to go through the courts when it suits them or its is going to cause them too much work.

I could guarantee if I pitched up in a private carpark in my motorhome and wouldn't move I would be moved on by the police in no time but if I said I was from a certain travelling community I could stay until the owner had to go via the courts and incur the extra cost.

And people wonder why the Police dont have the respect they used to have. 


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