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Deposit reprotection at the end of AST before it goes Periodic


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I am with the DPS Insured scheme where you pay £22 to protect the tenants deposit and hold their deposit.

Once the 6 month period reaches it's end you are sent an email by the DPS that this is about to happen and you have to inform the DPS and the tenant that they are now rolling over onto a periodic contract.

There is no requirement to issue, legal or otherwise, to provide the tenant with "prescribed information" again having provided that information initially with their tenancy contract.

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We protect our deposits with the TDS insured scheme and because our tenancy agreements state words to the effect the tenancy doesn't end after the fixed term but continues as a contractual periodic tenancy (opposed to a normal statuary periodic tenancy) the "Prescribed Information" does not need to be resent however a new certificate from the scheme has to be given to the tenant stating the tenancy is periodic. 

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