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"Get them evil buggers"

Carryon Regardless

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Well we would all like to be taxed less & not to be first on the list when new or increased taxes are introduced.

But, all Governments know that provided the risk versus return formula remains favourable for landlords then they can tax away different elements of a landlords profits & the private rented sector will continue onwards & upwards virtually unaffected.

Property is & has always been a great place to invest. Even now, even with the recent adverse legislation introduced in the last few years, it's not a bad place to put spare money. 

But this landlord will not be voting for Labour anytime soon.

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Just another ignorant labour politician who is clearly not aware that landlord's are already taxed on income.

If his plan was to ever be implemented then it would just lead to even more landlords selling up and a shortage of rental property. Try getting social housing from your local council. The waiting list is long and depending on your requirements anything up to 10 years as my Niece found out.

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RL I agree that on the face of it investing in BTL still looks attractive to the naive, but positively scary to those with a little more knowledge of the criteria we must meet and the restrictions imposed come debt chasing time.

To offset the possible evacuation of investors from this industry I expect, but not only me I see, that we will have greater CGT imposed on our sale profits. For many that would result in a less attractive revenue from a sale, or two.

That will result in personal appraisements of the risk of keeping against the lesser revenue of selling. I, for example, during those times of massively depreciated equity (post 2008) could see that a sale would require me to top up the sale monies to clear the mortgages. So I concluded I should stay, fight the regular low life's, and take what profits did come from rental revenues.

Now, later on, I feel or risks are far greater, although personally I feel I shall be scrapping scum bags less, but as tax increases I shall more likely remain until my net takeaway from selling is enough to draw down on for our future. 

Starmer wasn't ever high in my estimation of leadership ability, with this he has dropped as low as Corbin. But at least Dabbot could see that removing the batteries from her calculator meant lots more police for very little money.

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