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Refrigerator disposal and recycling

James E

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Hello there, I just bought a new double door refrigerator as I had to accommodate more meals as a part of my weekly meal prep. I would like to give away my older single-door refrigerator, either dispose of or donate it. I am not sure, how I will get it done. Can someone suggest to me any fridge disposal service provider who can either dispose in an eco-friendly manner or who can help me recycle and donate it. I would prefer the latter.

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I don't think you'll have any trouble giving it away for free. As long as it's in relatively good condition, someone will surely be interested in it. You can use any platform normally used to sell stuff (Facebook marketplace, eBay, etc.) and place it without a price and mention in the description that you are giving it away for free. If you want to get rid of it, you can also use a disposal bin. The companies behind them are responsible for recycling it, and they do it according to the existing regulations, therefore, you can be sure it will be done eco-friendly.

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This thread is a year old but...........

Some local councils (mine included) now collect fridges, freezers and any other large domestic appliances. If they don't work they arrange disposal, if they do work they get them checked and recycled to people who need them.

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Where have you bought such a refrigerator? I was never thinking of getting a refrigerator as disposal. I am using the services of dumpster rental in Lafayette, LA. I stock all my garbage in such a dumpster, and it is taken out once a week. I live outside the city, far away from the central road, so the garbage is taken out only once a week. Having a farm needs a lot of space for storing the garbage, so it is why I need a whole dumpster to fill before it is taken out. Sometimes even a dumpster is too small for the garbage created by a farm.

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