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  1. Hi! I own a two-storeyed house near my home, and I used to sublet it to people in need. A family living there had just moved out some days before. Now a couple of families are interested in renting the property. I never checked how the house looked now, but I took a peek yesterday, and it was bizarre. The house needs serious renovation works, but I'm worried about disposing of the renovation's junk material. The neighborhood is very particular about maintaining a clean environment. Do I have to hire any service providers? When I searched the internet for waste removal solutions, I discovere
  2. Hello there, I just bought a new double door refrigerator as I had to accommodate more meals as a part of my weekly meal prep. I would like to give away my older single-door refrigerator, either dispose of or donate it. I am not sure, how I will get it done. Can someone suggest to me any fridge disposal service provider who can either dispose in an eco-friendly manner or who can help me recycle and donate it. I would prefer the latter.
  3. Hey, hope your issue resolved?
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