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Important Changes to Notices and Evictions You Need to be Aware of.


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The current ban on bailiff-enforced evictions, introduced as an emergency measure during lockdown, ended on 31 May.

Bailiffs have been asked not to carry out an eviction if anyone living in the property has COVID-19 symptoms or is self-isolating.

Similarly, notice periods – previously extended to 6 months as an emergency measure during the pandemic – will be set at 4 months from 1 June (for most tenancies).

In Scotland, whether evictions can be enforced depends on what COVID ‘level’ the property is in. Evictions can be enforced in Level 2 and below. They cannot be enforced in Levels 3 and 4.

And in Wales the notice period required to serve a valid eviction notice remains at six months.

You can read a longer blog post on these changes - and find direct government guidance - here
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S21's are to become history anyway. We are effectively to request permission to recover our properties from abusive T's.

While I don't condone such is this type of outcome really a surprise?


The big surprise is that the penalty makes this worthwhile. Court costs and the wait for, eliminated. Lost rents reduced. Damage during an eviction process eliminated. Either route would have stresses.

I have read of the big stick persuasion becoming used more.

Like I said I don't condone such.

I have been meaning to research where we stand these days on repossessions where we desire to sell a property.

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The Government are taking away the one right and legal way a landlord has of getting rid of tenants who refuse to honour their legally binding tenancy contracts.  This cannot be right and I don't understand why the Government have not been challenged in a Court of Law by the Landlord's Associations or anybody else.

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2 hours ago, kanrent said:

"where we desire to sell a property" 

Or repossession so the landlord can move back into his property

If only that was true Kanrent...........Case on radio 4 this week.  Service family rented out their main home due to their service posting away from the UK.   All the legal rental stuff was correct through an LA. Now trying to regain possession and the tenant won't move out. Long involved story but the bottom line is they have been told they probably won't get their property back until next January.  So much for serving your Country.

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