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Landlord insurance


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I'm with Direct Line Landlord's Insurance as for me the insurance covers everything I require to operate especially if it all goes belly up for any reason. I have never claimed before but the test of course is how any insurance company deals with a bona fide claim if it should happen.

All my property insurances are due on the same day........31st March.  That hits the bank balance I can tell you. I wouldn't recommended it.   😀   and it all happens next week!

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I suggest the timing couldn't be better...

It's 5 days before the end of the tax year. It's best to have all of your allowable expenses right at the end of the tax year for maximum benefit. Any bills, regular expenses maintenance & repairs etc.....you've got 9 days to spend and claim in this tax year.

Don't delay.......

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What should the landlord's insurance cover? I want to get one too, but I don't know what to pay attention to. There are so many offers on the market, and I cannot tell for sure which one is better than the others.
I asked my claims advocate, and he told me to choose the one that would offer the most options. Can you suggest good landlord insurance in the UK now? And can I just go to an agency I like and ask them if they provide this kind of service? Or should I look for a specialized agency?
And how much do you pay per month for this insurance?

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