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Are Our Houses Set to Get greater Use?

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I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing this. Covid is causing more to stay home, kids as well as adults.

One family in particular, 3 boys off school, mummy and daddy have set up office in the kitchen. A call to tell me the door handles were broken, not all. I could claim it is abuse but good, long term T's I replaced all. But working in the house is a flippin' nightmare. It's no wonder stuff gets broken with the clutter and constant in / out.  A large desk in what was a spacious kitchen needs to be navigated round and it's the main thoroughfare of the house. There always seems to be a kid (young adult) in the way or needing to get past.

Today I did an electrical pre inspection there, full check it's just that I can't certify it. The lady had an online meeting at 1pm so all quiet, and needs circuits reinstating for the PC , screen and router. My visit was pre arranged last week btw, and for today as it is the 1st day the kids are back at school.

I've had issue gaining access to 2 houses in Wales, as they're concerned about covid. They are ignoring me since I wrote to inform of the  electrical works/inspection and the EPC.  I'll just have to raise the threat level some there.

With the increasing likelihood of our properties becoming work from home offices is anyone giving consideration to the increased wear and tear?

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It did cross my mind about the increase in wear and tear and confirmation from my insurance company was going to be sought about any business type work being operated from their home but my problem has gone away with the tenant moving out 4 weeks ago.

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