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Tenant failed to inform that was going away for months


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Yes I agree that it's not acceptable.

They are probably in breach of a number of clauses in a standard AST Agreement. 

The obvious question is did they leave the heating on during the winter ?

On a positive note......If they are paying the rent ( & bills ) you aren't getting any wear & tear on the property.

Insurance......You could ask them to pay the extra premium that you are faced with. If they say no you are left with deducting it from their deposit at the end of the tenancy. Deposit Protection may refuse it. You could then take them to small claims court (if they are back in the UK by then) or if you have a guarantor you could approach them for payment.

I don't think you will get anything though.

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Is anyone charged with monitoring the property in their absence? If no contact it's unlikely you would know.

But I wonder how you are aware that they are abroad and absent for months.

Personally I would inform in writing that that you intend to inspect 24 hrs later (each time). No denied access, so let your self in and satisfy yourself the property is in good order and prepared for the absence, water off, heating set sort of thing.

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