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i have an eviction date to remove tenants from my property via the local court , can I use my own bailiff and locksmith on the day ? I’m hearing the tenant can refuse and I will then have to apply to the court to use their own bailiffs , which can take several weeks ?im hoping this is incorrect , was hoping for some advice ?tia 

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As far as I'm aware we must use a court appointed Bailiff, happy to learn different.

Your having a locksmith onsite is personal choice. Once a Bailiff approves access (that may follow negotiation with the T) how you get in is your choice, as it's your property. But a Bailiff may not hang around as long  for you to DIY as he may hang around for a T to gather their stuff.

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thankyou for your response , I had no information on the eviction notice , it just says the date of the repossession . I have even been told by the estate agent that lets the property that I can take my own bailiff and locksmith , would you think that means I have legal right to enter the property and force them to leave ?or would that just play into the tenants hands ?

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* Its not the courts job to provide you with information on the eviction process.

* It's a mistake to assume that your Estate Agent is an expert on eviction law.

* It's probably a mistake to act on information you receive from an internet forum.

The result is a high probability that you will get it wrong. If you get it wrong it could be expensive in terms of time, money and your liberty.

I'd recommend you employ an expert such as,  Landlord Action.......you will find them with a web search.

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Once to have a court ordered possession date you need to establish if the tenant has vacated on that day before the next stage. If they havent moved out and you believe no intention to you need to apply for a bailiff and normally most landlords appoint a local court bailiff.

You have another option of using a high court sheriff(bailiff) which can be a lot quicker but will cost more. but your would either need to apply for the possession order at the time of granted to be transferred to the high court or afterwards.

The county court bailiffs appointment schedule (lead time) varies a lot from area to area and if they can do it within 3-4 weeks it may be best/cheaper to use them. Call the local court and ask the question on the bailiffs current lead times. If longer google high court sheriffs and speak to them who will give you costs, timescales and apply for the possession to be transferred to the high court.


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