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It will be interesting to see if the rich and famous will be allowed to jump the vaccine queue by reserving their injections in advance by perhaps paying up front or paying extra

Ok....before everyone throws their arms up in horror at how unfair that would be......it's exactly what the UK Government & others have done by reserving millions of vaccine doses from numerous drug companies for their own populations ! That will be at the expense of the poorer nations who will have to wait a little longer.

Isn't it a shame that we are only rich and not famous as well ? 😁

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Aside from the vaccine being used w/o the usual lengthy testing protocols (somewhat understandable) I would have greater interest to understand who has financial benefit from investment in the company / companies that will have this pushed through at speed.

time will tell but will we be legislated to have to take the vaccine as it becomes available and is roiled out increasingly to the younger demographics of the populations. It may be that we are required to demonstrate to other countries that we have it to be allowed entry, which is of course their choice. But to insist on it for visitors would sort of imply that the indigenous population should have it.

My personal view is that I'm happy for the population to take this. As there will be limited supplies I am happy to wait my turn.,5 - 10  years will do me.

BTW that photoshop of Trump is definitely not PC, it's offensive to apes.


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