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Tenant is ignoring the 6 month no break clause


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Hi all,

I have a tenant that renewed his TA. In it there is a clause that says she cannot give notice if 6 months from signing pass. 
She forgot that clause (she said) and gave me notice 3 months in. I said that she needs to wait for the 6 months to pass and then she can leave, or pay rent for those 6 months. She is pushing me to leave in 2 months time. Thoughts? 
Obvioulsy I am worried that I may not find someone in 2 months under this climate.


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Are you in England and is the tenancy agreement an AST ?

If so, normally the tenant can leave at time they want to leave....but if it's during the fixed term of the AST they are liable to pay the whole of the fixed term. Do you have rent guarantee insurance or a home owning guarantor ?

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Is this a contract you wrote or the clause in question?

If you wrote it yourself it is very easy to get it wrong and she may have a get out. If it is a professionally drawn up contract just stick to your guns and advise her to take legal advise or come to a mutual agreement.

People are still looking for properties to rent at this present time.

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