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rent payment


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To my understanding.

We aren't able to evict for 3 months, but the protective legislation isn't in place (as yet), but there is no hurry for that as the notice period and then possible court wait would provide that buffer.

All rent shall be due for payment as contracted. The debt of unpaid rent shall accrue, along with penalties and any interest applied. The LL has been given a choice of £25 charge per letter or to revert to contracted charges.

Those T's that may like to view the present situation as a bonus, in that they refrain from paying rent, shall be lucky to keep their accommodation when this situation is behind us. They should consider their long term advantage / disadvantage, and factor in that a LL will still want the money owed anyway.

Many LL's still have responsibilities to pay for. If their business fails due to lack of rental revenues then at some point the properties the T's occupy is likely to be auctioned by the lender.

Those T's looking to enjoy their perceived bonus have lost the places to spend the bonus. The pubs are closed, when they reopen the LL can look to evict again.

I'm glad I have guarantors.


I'm more than happy to learn of errors in my thoughts,

and tbh this is me practising for a letter to my T's, and G'tors thanking those that have made appropriate payments also.

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I believe the Government have sent out the wrong signals about rents and tenants and landlords.  Nothing has changed at this very early stage of the Corona virus lock down, it has been barely a week. 

I do accept the condition about no evictions for  a three month period but this does give the green light for tenants to stop paying rent does it.  The process for those tenants who do run into trouble is to investigate what they can do to obtain the rental payment either from the DWP  or family members to tie them over what will probably be a short period of non employment. Companies are mostly paying 80% of their salary which is government backed. My Daughter and Grandson both on Furlough leave now have been informed that this is what is going to happen for them.

Furlough leave” or “furloughed employee” are not familiar concepts under UK employment law. However, in this context, a furloughed employee is someone who rather than being dismissed for redundancy by their employer, is kept on the payroll during a period where the employer does not have any work for the employee.

More precise details here.


 Any tenant who foolishly believes that withholding rental payment is going to be in for a nasty shock if the landlord does decide go down the eviction route. 

There are many  prospective tenants in my location having trouble even getting hold of a suitable property to rent.

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I feel the ambiguous style this has been put over by the Gov't is going to cause a lot of issue, and with that a lot of problems.

In PM's QT today Corbyn raised this and BJ replied that he had already put a stop to 'no fault' evictions.

I haven't seen evidence of this anyway but non payment of rent can't be considered as no fault.

2 points here though.,

I wouldn't spend money on repossession proceedings w/o better clarification, as a judge would prefer to protect the T as we know.

Replacing a T with the present restrictions would be nigh on impossible. Viewings would be far less then usual reducing choices of replacement T, and a move in of said T is very problematic.

This is beside the social conscience that we may have.

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