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Next door is refurbishing


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Hi all,

I have a question ... next door neighbour told my tenant that they will be doing refurb into their house and that they will come in contact with the party wall where 3-4 bolts will be drilled into the wall. 
The works will take 8-10 weeks. 
My tenants work from home and are not happy with those works happening.
Also my tenants are worried about the work that will happen into the party wall and I am too!

Any advice please? Can I stop my neighbour from drilling into the party wall?


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Can I refer you to this information where you can review and be guided by what the process is required when party walls are being affected by building works.


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Your post is a bit light on information.

Obviously if building work is taking place ON or INTO the party wall then there are well defined rules about that.

However, it's not clear from your post what work is actually happening. Clearly drilling and fitting 3 or 4 fixings into the wall is not gonna take 8-10 weeks......it's likely to take less than an hour. I'd suggest that affixing something like a stud wall is a relatively quick job that won't inconvenience anyone. Minor works attaching things to party walls are probably allowed.....and providing the work is not structural it unlikely to cause you any problems.

Where I think your main complaint is.......is with the 8-10 weeks of refurbishment. Unfortunately for you there is nothing whatsoever you can do to stop it......that's life. They are entitled to refurb as often as they like.

Just for the record......tenants are not entitled to any special treatment over and above that they would receive as an owner occupier. So, looks like they may just have to put up with the inconvenience. They could move out but that might take them 8 weeks to complete......by then the refurb may be finished.

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