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Mandatory five-year electrical safety check regulations to be enforced in England


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Thanks for the heads up.

I think most landlords new this was coming eventually...so no big surprise.  Significant dates are 1st July 2020 for new tenancies & 1st April 2021 for existing tenancies.

Note: It is currently only a draft and needs to get thru the Commons and Lords.......so could get delayed.

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Thanks Grampa.

I wonder what Wales will do. I found out recently that I need to be a qualified and registerd LL for Wales nowadays. It'll cost a few more quids and take a little time, but then I can use the S21 again. Untill next year when that's removed from our tool kit.

Since I made them aware that I am processing for this they have given me 21 days to comply or they will come and burn my house down. It's so strange that they are proud to have developed such a a skill.

I guess I'll have to justify this extra outlay by hoofing a few of my Wales T's.

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