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Queen’s Speech confirms new measures to protect tenants


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As always the devil will be in the detail. The time has come for landlords to be protected from rogue tenants who think they can refuse to pay rent and ignore contracts and then go on to damage the property to such an extent of criminal damage and then to have no liability in law to answer for their behaviour.

There does need to be an ultra fast process to evicts such tenants, not forgetting that the private landlord is not a branch of the social services housing disruptive tenants for months on end whilst they, the tenant, hide behind outdated tenancy laws.

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To actually repossess 'legally' has required us to proceed through the court system already, and ultimately employ the use of Bailiffs.

While in theory we can make claim for the losses more often we just suffer them.

Scrapping the S21 will mean our need to use courts, and pay up front, in the hope a court will grant our desire. In practice I believe this will mean 2 court appearances as we lose our no excuse repossession and T's are given another chance to mend their ways. Our financial losses are generally viewed as a by product of renting and a mere reduction of our high profits, these costs and so losses will rise.

A specialist housing tribunal is already in place, it essentially is a full trial scenario with more specialist lawyers and very high expense, no thanks.

Shelter will exploit this to the full, after all it is partly their calling for it that brings it about, that and the Gov't wishing for us to carry social housing responsibilities.

I am now monitoring for dates on these changes. It becomes more intelligent than ever to hoof any T's that are or may become higher risk, using S21 while I can, in 'hope' of a more reliable client base. As T's, sometimes with Shelter coaching,  can already cause S21's to take many months sooner may be better.


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