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Damaged front door locking mechanism


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I would expect my tenant to call the police and then their landlord in that order. They would then have a crime number which you could use on your buildings insurance claims form. This is clearly a police matter.......who is suspected of the crime is not relative to any claim.

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If I apply common sense......and I appreciate it doesn't always apply.......

* I don't see how the tenant is at fault.

* The tenant cannot arrange buildings insurance in their name.

* The landlord has a responsibility to ensure the doors are secure.

* It would be a foolish landlord that did not ensure buildings insurance was in place.

It's one of the joys of landlording. Be carefull when selecting tenants and when buying property to ensure both are the best available to you within your budget.








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It is not unknown for tenants to blame unknown party's for breaking windows and damaging doors to try and get out of being liable.

If it was a good tenant without previous issues I would say the same as RL and put it down to experience and the joys (and costs) of being a landlord.

However if there had been previous problems with the tenants such as wild party's, complaints, unexplained damage, problems on inspections, domestic bust-ups etc. I have been known to try and recoup the cost from the tenant or tenants deposit. Taking the stance they are responsible for returning the property in the same condition as they originally rented it in. 

A little grey I know but it's a judgement call on how far you push it.



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If it cannot be proven beyond all reasonable doubt that your tenant was responsible for damaging the door then it is the landlord that has to repair this door and put the cost down to a tax allowable expense.

Part of the joys of being a landlord is that from time to time you will be faced with situations such as this. annoying as they are.

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Ultimately it is down to proof and the landlord has a responsibility to keep in repair the structure and security  of the building as previously mentioned. 

It doesnt stop you sending the invoice to the tenant for repayment. How that will effect landlord tenant relations is another matter.

If they didnt pay you could try a claim via the small claims court on-line and let the judge sort it out as a normal dispute over money.


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But surely the court would require proof/ evidence that the tenant has caused the damage before ruling the tenant should pay.

Can't you claim on your buildings insurance ? All you need is a police report number to validate the claim. Let the insurers sort out who they want to chase for the cost of repairs through the police......I suspect they wouldn't bother if it were less than £200.

Isn't this what insurance is for ?

We don't need to make it more complicated than it needs to be.

Now if the tenant hasn't reported it to the police and obtained a police report number.........if be asking why !

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