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Unknown white specks on floor

Eric Z

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Just had a tenant move out of a rental house and the entire vinyl floor is covered with white specs, looks like paint but I know it is not.  Mopping does not remove it but you can scratch them off with finger nail.  Anyone know what this is and how to remove if from vinyl plank flooring?  


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No idea what it is. It certainly looks like paint.......what else could it possibly be ? If it's oil based it'll be more difficult to remove than water based (emulsion) paint.

Ask the tenant to come back and clean it or tell them they'll be charged for the work.

To remove I'd start by rubbing with white spirit then try meths and if they don't work then a very mild abrasive like kitchen cleaner (Jif). If that fails get someone with fingernails to do it for you and charge the bill to the tenant.


1. Just remembered that sometimes a good quality rubber/eraser can work at getting paint spots off....might be worth a try.

2. A sharp plastic scraper/ spatula might work instead of a fingernail.

Let us know how you get on please.

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