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Cellotex Fire Hazard ?


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The Grenfell Tower group are taking 3 companies to court in the USA because they feel their products contributed to the fire.....Whirlpool, Cellotex, and the aluminium cladding supplier.

Many of us have Cellotex in our properties so you might like to follow the progress of the court case.

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I always consider it strange that a legal suit is taken out in the US for an event in the UK, more money possibilities over there I guess.

I'm sure Cellotex, and even alluminium, will burn at the right, high, temperature. Last year my yacht had a fire when a starter cable chaffed to earth, the fumes from the engine insulation were choking and seemed to me to burn easily. I tested Cellotex with a blow torch as an alternative and 'I' considered that it performed well. It didn't want to burn and the fumes were no issue imo. But hey ho I'm sure the experts for the claims and the defence will enjoy their court room banter.


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My understanding is that the case is being held in the USA, specifically in the state of Pennsylvania because the law in the USA differs to that in the UK. In the US a manufacturer can be held liable even if it has complied with building/safety regulations......something which I'm led to believe is not the case in the UK. 


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