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Increasing income

Jessica May

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I assume you mean increase the appeal to attach more tenants? Without seeing your rental its hard to say but these may help

  1. Look on rightmove, Zoopla and on the market to see what similar properties  your property is competing against and make yours slightly cheaper. You can increase the rent at a later date.
  2. Make sure it is advertised on the above portals
  3. New  taps
  4. Clean grouting around tiles
  5. modern curtain rails and curtains
  6. modern blinds
  7. new carpets
  8. lick of paint
  9. tidy garden and tidy hedges
  10. Advertising board outside
  11. Using a good agent at the price they recomend or a bit lower.
  12. Accept pets
  13. Make sure any maintenance issues are dealt with
  14. new kitchen work tops
  15. change plain white, light switches to chrome, zinc or gun metal etc.
  16. Change old door handles to newer modern ones
  17. Make sure you have hooks on back of doors and coats hooks
  18. Up grade light bulbs to brighter ones.
  19. Make sure rooms colours are neutral
  20. Supply  new lamp shade and change  basic pendant light fittings for a modern light fitting
  21. make sure you have a bathroom cabinet  towel rails etc. 
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On 2/27/2019 at 3:57 PM, Jessica May said:

How can I increase the value of my rental to attract more tenants? 

As Grampa has stated comprehensively ............presentation of your rental property is the key.

If for any reason your property is not up to a good standard then your prospective tenant will just move on and find a property that is more suitable.

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