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Tenants keep blocking toilets and drains


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Hi all.
My tenants keep blocking the toilets and drains. We hired a company that cleaned the drains.

When it happened again the estate agency suggested that we put a clause in the tenancy agreement that if they block the system again they will have to deal with it. 
They blocked one of the toilets, we hired a company who unblocked it and they found out that the tenants have flushed tampons, sanitary towels and wet wipes which is what caused the blocking and stated in the tenancy agreement that they should not be flushing it down the toilet.

We bought them drain hole covers for the showers and kitchen but during the last inspection it was found that they removed them and there was a ton of food visible at the kitchen drains and hair down the showers.

Now they contacted us again saying that they have to use drain cleaners every week and that the bathrooms smell of sewage in the morning.

Is the responsibility for fixing this ours or theirs?

Thank you

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Clearly it's their responsibility to unblock blockages caused by themselves.

Unfortunately some tenants adopt the attitude that because they pay rent then everything should be done for them.....but that's not the case.

Tenants are not entitled to any special treatment over and above that which an owner occupier can expect just by virtue of them paying rent. 

Agree to do it for them provided they pay the bill.

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Unless there is a fault with the pipework or badly installed it is the responsibility of the tenant. 

Whatever has blocked the pipework is what they have put down it.

It would help if you could get a report from the drainage company in writing stating the pipework is in good order and also what was found to be blocking the pipework.

Check you have a clause in the tenancy to cover blockages on the next renewal. I am very surprised your agency doesn't have this in the agreements already this is basic letting agency issues that should be covered from the outset.


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