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I had been in a rented property for six weeks when the chimney sweep discovered the log burner had not been installed properly.  The fireplace now needs to be removed and a lintel installed in the chimney.  I have been informed that the landlord is not going to replace the fireplace but simply leave bare walls and is also going to replace the 9kw stove with a second hand 5kw stove which he got from a house whose chimney went on fire.  Can anyone tell me if he can do this or should the repair be done on a like for like basis.

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Tenants are not entitled to any special treatment over and above that which an owner occupier could expect just because they are tenants and pay rent.

The landlord appears to be fulfilling his obligation to carry out  essential safety repairs to the chimney.

The fact that in carrying out repairs he has decided not to replace the fire surround, that's a decorative feature and is his choice.....it's his house. He is replacing the wood burning stove and the fact that it's from a house where the chimney caught fire is not relevant. Chimneys catch fire for all sorts of reasons.....usually because the chimney has not been swept....never because it has a 5kw log burner under it.

The only question from me is ....a much smaller 5kw log burner will produce less heat. If the inventory identifies a larger fire or if the fire heats the whole house or provides hot water and any of these aspects are changed......then that alters your rental contract.

You could try negotiating a rent reduction or some other benefit. Alternatively you could end the contract and move out to something more suitable.

Citizens advice will be able to offer advice.

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..............and also the new log burner must be fitted and certified by a registered installer and that you have a copy of the paperwork.

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