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New FREE property advertising service/website

Estate Agents Suck

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Hi there,

We are starting a new service that some landlords might be interested in. We are starting a series of local websites that will advertise properties TO LET and for sale. Consider it a free way to find new tenants. Which landlords might be interested? Those that don't use an estate agent or professional to find a new tenant....The type of landlord that maybe advertises on craigs list or uses the classifieds adverts in the local paper....or those landlords that want to try and save money by finding their next tenant without the use of an estate agent. The service is called Estate Agents Suck and we plan to have lots 'local' websites e.g. london dot estateagentssuck dot com and manchester dot estateagentssuck dot com (not active yet).

It's going to be a free service, yes free! No catches, no skullduggery. How do we plan to 'keep the lights on' then? We hope that advertising on the website will help and we also thought that maybe a patreon page or maybe have a donations button.

How do you get your property listed? All you have to do is send us all the text/property description, photos etc. Maybe you have an old estate agent listing that we can copy/paste from? You'll need to send us the images though as they are obviously crucial.

When your property is available/TO LET, we activate it on our website. When you've found a tenant, fire us a email (or a message through Slack for the nerdy types like us) and we'll disable the property until you next need the listing activated.

What is the downside? We only connect you with a potential new tenant. We don't get involved in viewings of the property or anything else. All we do is filter out the property enquiries for junk and then forward the enquiry or request to view the property to your inbox....and that's us.

So, if you want your very own URL/web address for your property, register your interest at our holding page - estateagentssuck dot com or fire us an email theteam at estateagentssuck dot com

Come and join us. We're actually nice people. What ya got to loose. We think there should be a national recognised way to advertise your property for rent, for free!



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Well I have a problem.....it's probably just a character trait, nothing that I need to worry about unduly......it's just that I just can never bring myself to deal with companies that have a stupid name.

For example.....companies such as Funky Pigeon......might be the best around but I don't care cos I'm never going to use them.

The name of your firm is worse in that it's verging on insulting and I very much doubt you will be permitted to use it.

My agents are really very good, I get great value for money and don't have a need to use your services.

You will alienate as many people as you attract with that name.......I suggest you think of a better one.


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Sense of humour is a completely different issue to professionalism and rarely do they cross successfully. Though not impossible it just means you are on the back foot with a up hill struggle from the outset. Why make things harder for yourself.  

It is also a very bold sweeping statement you are making.

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A thoroughly stupid and unprofessional business name or business title. Don't be too surprised if you don't get some form of legal proceedings against you for having a public title such as you have chosen to use. 

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