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Early adopters wanted


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Hope all is well.

We are a new startup free to use website/App in London to help landlords/ and tenants communicate and get things done easier. 

We are looking for great landlords/Tenants to test our concept and be early adopters.

We would love your help on this.

Please email us info@yeehlow.co.uk if interested.  

Thanks very much

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*  London only ?

*  What's your definition of a 'great' landlord and tenant ?

*  What qualifications & experience do you have in the property rental market ?

*  Can you provide more information ? Your post is so short of detail I don't understand what you are offering.


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Hi Rich, we are based in London but it does not matter when in the UK you are based.

When we mean "great and tenants"  we just mean good landlords and Tenants that have a good relationship with each other.  

We are a start up company, so our experience is limited, as we are a  group of actually tenants and landlords. We are also working with industry experts.

However, this is the reason we are asking for your guys help, as you are the experts.

The website aims to keep all commutations and details all in one place and fully audited, All documents (proscribed information) required for both parties to have a smooth renting experience. And of course lots more fractures.

Thanks again

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