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Found 12 results

  1. Hello Everyone! Hope you are well. I'd like to just introduce us as a company, we look to take on properties with 4+ bedrooms for long term company lets (3-5 years) and then rent them out on a room by room basis. So essentially we take on the property as the tenant, invest our own money into refurbishments and get the property compliant with HMO regulations if required, which is why we like to take on long term contracts. We handle low maintenance issues with the property. Our clients will have a minimum of 12 months trading or we will make sure our end that they have a personal
  2. Hi Hope all is well. We are a new startup free to use website/App in London to help landlords/ and tenants communicate and get things done easier. We are looking for great landlords/Tenants to test our concept and be early adopters. We would love your help on this. Please email us info@yeehlow.co.uk if interested. Thanks very much
  3. Hello to all, I am new to this forum and looking for properties to purchase. Does anyone know anybody who is looking to sell their property for what they owe on it? For example, negative equity properties. If so I would be very interested. I am also looking for landlords who are looking to sell their portfolios. Please get in touch if this is you or you know of someone looking to sell any of the scenarios detailed above. Kind regards Craig
  4. The UMT offers the service pack that you can use when you renting out your property. ***Easy, fast and helpful*** USEMETODAY.CO.UK *Check In/Out Inventory *Gas Safety Certificate *Building Service *Cleaning Service
  5. Hi everyone! Small intro: My name is Ammaar, I've been a Landlord for a few years now. Hobbies include fitness, technology and gaming mostly. Automated thermostats are now rapidly becoming a "thing" and it has gained my interest, a lot of this new technology seems to be getting smarter and smarter. I've researched about many thermostats, like Hive, Nest, Honeywell, Heat Genius etc. My goal is to find a fully automated heating system to trial on one of my properties to really test the money saving element of it. If it works out, then I can slowly introduce it more and maybe get one for my
  6. Hi, I have just had free solar installed on my rented properties. It isn't rent a roof, it is in fact a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) scheme. My tenants get to purchase the electric generated at 3p pkwh (per kilo watt hour) instead of 12p - 15p they paid before. I now have happier tenants with lower electricity bills, also my rental properties are now band D or above on the EPC register. I was concerned with the new legislation coming into effect for landlords with lower property bands than a D, but this scheme has helped sort this issue out at no cost. I have the compa
  7. Hi Everyone, Can you help please? I work for an Estate Agency and every year we organise free events at our branches where we discuss topics such as Tax, one of our most popular event to date, or How to maximise your buy to let investment or Managing your property effectively. Today, I’d like to find out landlords or vendors what you’d be interested in learning about? Eg: where to invest, legal ownership issues, Inheritance, managing tenants etc Your suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks for your help Sylvie
  8. Hi I'm Andrea, I'm working on www.flatchecker.com which connects landlords and renters (private rentals). We have a particular interest in improving standards and creating more transparency in the market. Our listings service is totally free and very easy to manage from your account. We've just got going and it would be great to get some feedback or suggestions for improving it. Thanks!
  9. Hello everyone! I'm a student at San Francisco State University doing my senior research project on renting to tenants with dogs, specifically commonly restricted dogs. I have a short, anonymous survey that should take less than 10 mins to complete. This survey is for landlords or property managers that allow dogs at some or all of their properties. If anyone can participate I would greatly appreciate it! https://sfsu.co1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_6hC9BYHF69nZheB Thank you!
  10. I'm on the lookout for small-scale landlords (1- 3 properties) who can talk about their relationship with their tenant/s. Ideally, I'm looking for a landlord who can talk about how a breakdown in this relationship led to a missed payment or an empty property and the affect it had on their ability to cover their own bills/mortgage. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think you or someone you know could fit the description. The participant would need to be available in the next few days for a quick telephone interview and a few days around the 8th November to speak to journalist
  11. To Landlords/Tenants/Home-owners, I work for a well established company called LMN. We specialise in getting Landlords/Tenants/Home-owners a 100% FREE A-rated boiler for their properties under the governments grant scheme the ECO-DEAL. The Eco-Deal is aimed at households that have a low-income and are in receipt of any Income-Related benefits or Tax Credits. It is funded by the Big Six energy companies so there is no cost to the Home-owner or the Landlord!! Not only are you saving money by not having to fork out for a Brand new boiler to the property, but the boilers been fitted are A-rated
  12. Recently I have managed to secure a job as a lettings agent. I will be training to do the job professionally and properly obviously, however the agency is small and needs to attract more landlords. Basically my question to everybody is, within reason relating to costs etc. Is there anything extra that I could do to make the agency more appealing to landlords? Any special offers, or gimmicky type things to entice landlords to think of this agency above others?
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