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Fake/counterfeit notes for sale


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We produce and supply fake notes of the best quality .All our notes are UV light sensitive and also pass the pen test .Our notes can be used at self checkout machines at ASDA TESCO SAINSBURYS and Morrisons. You can also use them at betting machines at the bookies like WILLIAM HILL CORAL LADBROKES AND PADDY POWER.You can also deposit them at self deposit machines in banks. 
You must be 21 and above before we can deal with you.We can supply up to  £1m
contact via WhatsApp 074 667 51394


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Why would you post this garbage on a Landlord's forum?  As it happens I know a senior detective in CID and I have passed this onto him him so that he can have a look at tracing the poster.

The Guy in the photo will no doubt not be shocked to discover that what he is doing is highly illegal and can and probably will lead to a prosecution if there is any truth in it.

Having said that and quoting "The Donald"....... It's fake news Folks.....It's fake news.

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