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Reintroduce full mortgage interest relief and drop the 3% stamp duty surcharge


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I have signed.  I have also of course paid the extra 3% SDLT from a property purchase last March. 

Yes, it hurts but if you want something badly enough you have to pay for it.........or walk away.

There always seems to be BTL investor's & home buyer's queuing up behind you waiting for you to drop out of the purchase.

I have this theory and no doubt I am totally wrong, but I don't care   :D that our UK monetary system becomes more like toy town money with each passing year. Plastic notes did it for me.

Incidentally here is a fact:  For us oldies who can remember this.

In 1961 you had £400 bulging in your wallet.        (  Not that I ever had £400 of course. )

What's it equivalent monetary worth today?


Answer:       Approximately £9,000 with an annual IR average of approximately 5% over those years.

Makes you think doesn't it.   What is money to be worth in 10 years time? Property may dip in value at some point in time but it always recovers it value..... and more......in my experience.

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9 hours ago, Richlist said:

Grampa, the link is not working.

Cut & paste into your header bar RL......It works OK for me.

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